Crumpler "Industry Disgrace" Camera Strap

If you're like me, one of those "must have" things you lug around is a DSLR. Sure, they're bulky and don't exactly fit with the "go light" all-day hike, but it takes a rather killer hike before I'll ditch the DSLR for pocketable point n' shoot.

I just bought one of these straps for my 5D Mark II. It's wider and definitely not demure, but having a DSLR and zoom lens hanging on your neck with this strap is much more comfortable. I've used Crumpler products for years since I first came across the edgy Australian start up at a Macworld here in SF many years ago and have been a happy owner of many of their messenger bags, backpacks, and camera bags.

Various designs:

filed in: Hiking  Gear  Photography 
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