Mooosejaw Mystery Gift!
Expired Sunday, March 14, 2010

This looks interesting...  Lots of outdoor gear at and are having a special free item at checkout.  They won't tell you what it is,  kinda defeats the whole "mystery" thing, but is a $100 value.   Just have to buy 1 item valued at $99+ and remember to enter in the coupon code MYSTERY on checkout.  This deal expires on March 14th, so hurry up and get that mystery gift.  I wonder what it is? 

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February is clearance month and is also having a winter clearance sale with up to 60% off.  Clothing, backpacks, camelbacks and just about any other gear you can think of at low prices.  Go check them out and get that missing piece of gear while saving a lot of money.

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     tags: camping sale clearance Winter Clearance Sale is having a winter clearance sale.  As the temps go up, their prices for the winter gear is going down.  Backpacks, sleeping bags and tents are all on sale.   You can also find some deals on ski gear as well.

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Swiss Army/ Victorinox Huntsman Knife

Gerber Gerber Pack Axe

Sea to Summit

Top 3 sharp tools to bring with you to camp
Expired Sunday, December 20, 2009

All too often on a camping trip we realize we forgot or didn't think to bring something when we're already standing in the woods. Here's my top 3 sharp tools I like to bring along. If you have any other favorites, drop us a line in the comments.

  1. Swiss Army Huntsman pocket knife. This particular model has two blades, scissors, a wood saw, can and bottle openers. Light, small and fits in any pocket. The blades stay amazingly sharp even after years of use, just don't abuse it and keep it clean. I find that a good case is worth splurging a couple of bucks on, it protects the knife and makes it easier to find.
  2. An Axe. I'm thinking of picking up this Gerber Pack Axe to replace my cheap hardware store model. Why bother with an axe, considering firewood logs are sold in boxes at campsites already? When we were camping in Yellowstone earlier this fall, continuous drizzle made the air very humid and the dry wood absorbed it like a sponge(no, the wood wasn't sitting out in the rain). Having an axe made the job of making more kindling and splitting the wet logs into smaller pieces possible. It's worth bringing one along on the off chance you need it. The axe also comes in handy for hammering, tent stakes into tough ground for example.
  3. A food knife. This is a quality of life suggestion. You can make do with your Swiss Army pocket knife, however having a decent food knife along with a set of other cutlery available makes meals more fun and enjoyable. For serious hiking I would suggest this Sea to Summit set, 1.3oz. Made from aluminum so it will not rust. Nothing like sitting down after a tough day of roughing it away from civilization and being able to enjoy your food.


What other tools do you never leave home without? Suggest your favorites in the comments below.

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Stuff We Use -- From the Archives

Here's what we've used. A useful get on a few items:

Got something you're especially fond of? Drop it in the comments.

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Best places for fall camping?
Expired Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's fall and that means falling temperatures but doesn't mean you have to stay inside -- especially if you live in the south or west.

What's your favorite fall camping spots?

What's your must have fall camping gear?

Let us know in the comments.

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Camp Cot - Case Of Two (2) Cots PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Getting Cold Out - 2 cots for under $120!
Expired Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If you'll be camping this fall, don't sleep on the cold ground. Brrrrr! Here's two cots from OutInStyle for under $120, with free shipping.

75" x 24" x 10", 600 denier nylon cover, sturdy aluminum tubular legs Approx weight: 10 lbs each cot, 20 lbs for the box of two.

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Sierra Designs CRESTONE Sleeping Bag
Expired Thursday, December 31, 2009

I recently spent a few weeks in Yellowstone and Glacier with this bag. Warm and very comfortable and comes complete with compression bag.

Down filled, mummy style "long," although I wouldn't want it much shorter and I'm 5'10". 

Rated to 0° and on sale for $209!

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