Extra 20% Off At evo Outlet

Checklist for one heck of a day at the beach: Wake board, flip flops, sunglasses, board shorts, sunscreen, towel. Does that about cover it?

And now a little temptation to plan that beach day: You can get an extra 20% off everything but the sunscreen and the towel at evo Outlet with the code ronix20.

If you aren't already checking out evo Outlet for water and snow sport gear and accessories, you've been missing out. We love all of evo for their selection, and like it even more that Outlet prices start out at up to 60% off retail.

The coupon code applies to Ronix wake boards in the evo outlet, plus flip flops, sunglasses, and board shorts. The towel is up to you.

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Patagonia 30% Off Summer Sale
Expired Friday, July 30, 2010

Think about your favorite piece of clothing. The one you pack every time you travel. It's the shirt, pants, or skirt that's made well, lasts forever, and that you can dress up or down.

Clothing from Patagonia hits all those marks. They use advanced fabrics and flattering styles to make apparel that you can shove in the bottom of a backpack, throw on for yoga class, or wear to dinner. They use organic cotton, wrinkle-resistant nylon, and moisture-wicking jersey fabrics cut to maximize mobility, comfort and plain good looks.

Patagonia's 30% Summer Sale runs through 7/29, and it's one heck of an opportunity to build a whole wardrobe of favorite pieces.

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Outdoor Cooking 30% Off Pioneer Sale
Expired Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Theoretically, we guess it's possible to tie your burgers and steaks to sticks and roast them over a fire. Practically, that seems like a recipe for ash-covered meat and third degree burns. If you want to successfully cook outside, you're going to need some gear.

Through 7/26, stock up on that gear and use the code UTPIONEER to get 30% off your next purchase from can supply any flavor of outdoor chef, from the ardent backpacker in search of a Jetboil cooking system, to the tailgating fanatic who needs a portable grill for brats, to the barbecue maestro looking for the perfect smoker.

Plus, there's cookware and accessories for the casual or devoted griller, tons of camping food and tools, and everything you need to make your patio the hottest destination in town all summer long.

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20% Off Sale At Campsaver
Expired Thursday, July 22, 2010

When all the Summer sales started rolling in last month, we wondered why Campsaver hadn't gotten in on the action. They're a favorite site of ours because of the of the sheer quantity of camping, climbing, and snow sport supplies and accessories they carry.

We've got tons of sources for outdoor clothing, but Campsaver is one of our go-to sources for the less sexy but no less essential gear. You know,  the stuff like lanterns, food and cooking equipment, sleeping bags for every climate, knives, and tools.

So naturally, we were pleased when we finally heard that Campsaver is doing a Summer sale too. Here's how it works: Follow the link over to the site by 7/21 and sign up for their newsletter. They'll send you a coupon for 20% off your next order. Simple as that.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter any time, but you're probably going to like it. It only comes once or twice a month, so it doesn't clog your inbox. Plus, they give great notifications of specials and sales and other coupons. And we all you love those.

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Weekend Sale— Body Glove and Roxy Swimwear and Clothing
Expired Monday, July 05, 2010

We've got one more hot weekend sale to tell you about before we go have some quality time with margaritas and sparklers. Ladies, you could basically revamp your whole Summer wardrobe with these discounts.

First, there's a big selection of Body Glove swimwear for $19.95. That's 78% off retail for some super cute suits.

Then, take a look at the Roxy sale. There's more swimwear, fitness clothing, shorts, jackets, hoodies, sandals, and basically everything you'll want to wear outside all Summer long. At 60-75% off, you may need to make room in your closet.

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25% Off And Free Shipping At Reebok
Expired Monday, July 05, 2010

We just got word of one more Summer Sale, but you've only got a few days to get in on the deal. Through July 4th, use the code SUMMER25 for 25% off and free shipping on almost anything from Reebok.

The discount doesn't apply to Core Classics, EasyTone, RunTone, YourReebok, and ZigTech, but that leaves a huge selection of athletic shoes, apparel, and equipment to choose from.

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Up to 30% off Patagonia
Expired Monday, July 05, 2010

The brilliance of Patagonia clothing is that it manages to combine form and function for people with an active lifestyle. Patagonia focuses durable, performance fabrics that are perfect for the trail or travel, but that also have flattering fits stylish designs.

They're clothes that can come straight from a suitcase, out for a hike, and then to dinner without ever seeming out of place. Basically, Patagonia makes the perfect clothes for almost anything you're planning on doing all Summer long. And until 7/5, it's 15-30% off at Rock/Creek.

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More Summer Sales at Altrec

Altrec has been going crazy with great Summer deals, and they don't seem to be stopping any time soon. Check out

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