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30% off entire order 72 hour sale at OutdoorCooking
Expired Friday, December 17, 2010

Save 30% on your entire order at Outdoor Cooking. Grills, stoves, cookware, accessories and gifts for the backyard, camping or tailgating.

Use coupon code XMAS10 at checkout.

This sale ends in 72 hours so don't delay!

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Outdoor Cooking 30% Off Pioneer Sale
Expired Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Theoretically, we guess it's possible to tie your burgers and steaks to sticks and roast them over a fire. Practically, that seems like a recipe for ash-covered meat and third degree burns. If you want to successfully cook outside, you're going to need some gear.

Through 7/26, stock up on that gear and use the code UTPIONEER to get 30% off your next purchase from can supply any flavor of outdoor chef, from the ardent backpacker in search of a Jetboil cooking system, to the tailgating fanatic who needs a portable grill for brats, to the barbecue maestro looking for the perfect smoker.

Plus, there's cookware and accessories for the casual or devoted griller, tons of camping food and tools, and everything you need to make your patio the hottest destination in town all summer long.

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Backyard & Patio Cooking Sale
Expired Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A sausage heated on the stove or a steak whacked under the broiler aren't going to knock anybody's socks off. Add a little fire and some fresh air, and suddenly you're a gourmet chef. There's a primal kind of magic that makes everything cooked outside taste better.

Thankfully, these days you can get a taste of that caveman flavor without any danger of singing your knuckles on a roasting spit. is a fantastic source for the equipment to outfit the most luxe outdoor kitchen, whether on your patio or outside your tent. Through 7/26, they've got 20% off backyard and patio equipment and accessories.

There's propane stoves, sport grills, fire pits, and covers and accessories for all your patio furniture.

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